Brushwood classic

Cooking time
60 min
Crunchy strips of thin dough, deep fried. The taste of this dessert many familiar from childhood, it is baked with our moms and grandmothers. For its preparation you will need at least the most basic products, and the process can handle even a beginner cook. Liven up your tea party with this wonderful baking!
Honestly, I first time in my life fried brushwood. And it worked for me perfectly! I was afraid I'd mess up the whole kitchen, but even the plate was not necessary to wash)
The sticks turned out amazing - thin, crispy, not cloying. It really comes very much from such a small bun. Wonderful recipe!
Be prepared for the fact that the flour may require more or less than indicated in the recipe. Focuses not on the amount of flour, and desired dough consistency.
Prepare the foods for cooking firewood. Flour may take a little longer, depending on the size of the eggs you get from the flour - from its quality, from air humidity, etc. Plus a little flour goes on rolling. The amount of vegetable oil, for example. The glass will need a small saucepan. I fried in a large cauldron, it took me a lot more oil.
Take a bowl, break the eggs into it. Lightly whisk them with a fork. Doesn't have to take for this purpose, a mixer or a whisk - our goal is just to mix whites and yolks. With stirring, add salt.
Pour a spoonful of cold vodka. Mix. Why the need for alcohol in this recipe? It is due to the vodka in the dough during frying gets a lot of bubbles and becomes crispy. Do not worry, all of the alcohol will wear off due to the high temperature, so that you can safely give the children sticks.
Start portions add the flour, stirring the dough with a fork. When the dough will become quite thick, start to knead with your hands. Some make the dough in the mixer, but believe me, it is much easier and faster to knead it with your hands. It is very easy.
The Board will prepelita flour, put in it the dough. Knead a smooth dough, this will have to pour a little flour. It should be elastic and homogeneous. Well the dough is almost sticky. Due to the fact that in this test no water mixing occurs rapidly.
The finished dough, cover with bowl and leave to stand for 10-15 minutes. During this time, he will develop the gluten, causing the dough will become very elastic and will be good to roll out. Do not be afraid of that little test. Of this amount, get a big bowl of brushwood.
Cut the dough half, the remaining piece always something to cover, so it does not withered. Roll the dough out into a thin layer. It needs to be very thin, literally the thickness in mm, see, I recognize the pattern on the rug? The thinner the dough, the tastier and crunchy get firewood.
Slice the dough into strips with a thickness of about 2 cm strips and Then slice across to make a rectangular billet. In the center of each blank make the cut. Do not dispose of wastes which are obtained when cutting, all of them can be arbitrarily cut and fry.
Shape the wood. To do this, take the blank and remove it through the slotted hole. In this video well see how to do it. (As do the classic Soviet brushwood. But you can cut it in an arbitrary way. It is not prohibited and not critical) Immediately remove all blanks, so they were ready for frying, so it will be easier and faster.
Take comfortable for deep fry dishes. I specifically went for a high cauldron. Maybe he's not quite beautiful, but to fry it all better. The oil splatters and very well heated. Pour the butter. It should be a lot of not less than 5 cm, Heat the oil over medium heat. How to check the oil is sufficiently warmed up? Place a wooden stick if the oil is sufficiently warmed, it will immediately start to bubble.
Drop in oil procurement. Keep in mind that firewood when frying greatly increases in size, a lot of do not put.
Fry brushwood, turning it with a fork on all sides until Golden brown. Fire make average, on strong oil starts to burn and little the dough will be fried.
When the firewood will be the whole a beautiful Golden color, remove it with a slotted spoon. In advance, prepare a plate with paper napkins. Place the brushwood on them to soak up excess fat. Ready brushwood thickly sprinkle with powdered sugar. In the same way fry all the sticks from the first batch and then do the second. I rolled out and cut firewood in the roasting process.

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Eggs easy recipes with photos 2 pc
Of wheaten flour what to cook 1 cups
Powdered sugar 3 teaspoons
salt 0.5 tablespoons
vegetable oil 1 cups
Vodka 1 teaspoons


Total calories 474
Total fat 36
Total carbohydrates 32
Total protein 7