Brownie classic chocolate

Cooking time
120 min
The famous dessert with a rich chocolate taste! The name of this American cuisine comes from the word brown - brown, this color is it due to the large amount of chocolate in the composition. Brownie has a special structure - a dense, wet. It's not a cupcake, and a super chocolate cake.
I baked a brownie in the form of 20*22 cm We love this dessert, I serve it often for various recipes. This recipe is one of the most successful. The taste of the finished dessert is determined primarily by the chocolate. So choose only a good quality product. Can be used not only bitter, but milk chocolate and even white. Brownie with white chocolate is called a Blondie. Often a brownie baked with nuts, cream cheese or berries.
Prepare the foods for cooking brownies.
Take a bowl, smash it chocolate into small pieces. Add the butter, cut into pieces.
Boil in the pot of plain water, put on top a bowl of chocolate. This design is called "water bath", so the chocolate melted on the steam from the boiling water. An important condition - the bowl should not touch water. And yet, do not take a glass dish for this purpose. My bowl in the process broke, had to put it in another.
With constant stirring, melt the chocolate and butter until smooth. Remove bowl with chocolate from the water bath and cool.
While the chocolate cools, whisk the eggs with the sugar until a lush light weight.
Pour the cooled chocolate into the eggs, mix all with a spatula.
In a separate bowl sift the flour and cocoa. Add a pinch of salt. Salt in desserts enhances the chocolate flavor, be sure to add it.
Stir in the dry mixture into the egg-chocolate. With a spatula mix everything until smooth.
Take a baking dish, put her paper for baking. To make the paper better fit, pre-crumple it. Pour the batter, spread it evenly with a spatula.
Bake brownies in preheated oven at 180u00b0C for about 20-30 minutes. In the case of brownie's willingness to identify with a toothpick, I advise you to focus on the 25 minutes of baking. If you overdo in the oven, it will be dry. Serve brownie in a warm and fully cooled form. Warm brownie when serving, add a scoop of ice cream.

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Bitter chocolate 200 gram
butter 200 gram
Cocoa powder 2 teaspoons
Eggs step-by-step recipes with photos 3 pc
Of wheaten flour recipes with photos 125 gram
Powdered sugar 190 gram


Total calories 438
Total fat 28
Total carbohydrates 41
Total protein 7