Beef stew in a slow cooker with onions

Cooking time
100 min
Most mild beef, which only can be! Beef I stew in a slow cooker exclusively. It is so soft I can't get more with any other methods of heat treatment. Here meat is stewed together with butter, and it adds a delicate creamy touch to the finished dish
Bon appetit!
For this dish you can use any boneless boneless beef suitable for roasting or frying. Rinse the meat under running water and remove tendons and excess fat, if any. The beef portion cut into medium size pieces. The bowl of the slow cooker in this recipe, nothing pre do not need to grease. Just put in it the sliced beef.
Onions clean from the husk. I chose to chop the onions medium dice. But you can cut it into thin strips. But if the maximum chop the onion finely, it will be virtually indistinguishable in the finished dish. It is better to use white or yellow onions. Red (or purple) will at least look good in the finished dish.
Butter, grate on a coarse grater and place in a bowl multivarki. Instead of using floats you can just slice the butter with a knife into smaller pieces. But you can put a whole piece. Absolutely no difference will be. Oil can be used as room temperature or just out of the fridge.
Time seasonings and spices. Salt the meat to taste, add a small Bay leaf and ground pepper. At this stage you can add to any dish of your favorite spices or fresh herbs. If you will be using ready-mix spices, check its composition of salt. Consider this point, not to overdo the finished dish.
Pour into the bowl multivarki filtered water and simmer the beef for about an hour and a half on the program "Quenching". If you multivarka-cooker, it is enough for forty minutes at low pressure. But it would be best to consult the manual, since crock pots are different. But even if after the specified time the beef is still tough, can put out her another twenty minutes until ready meat. Beef will turn out super-soft!

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Bay leaf 1 pc
Beef fillet 500 gram
Bow 1 pc
butter 50 gram
Chili pepper ground


Total calories 214
Total fat 19
Total carbohydrates 1
Total protein 15