A simple salad with canned tuna

Cooking time
10 min
Healthy salad with tuna and fresh vegetables. Easy diet salad with canned tuna and fresh vegetables can be a healthy snack or a full balanced dinner. In any case, this salad will bring only benefits. And time for its preparation will need very little.
To prepare the ingredients. Canned tuna is better to take the fillets, without the oil, most often it is called salad. But in the usual form, milling it before cooking. If the tuna with oil, to fill this salad can this oil. The vegetables medium size, you can reduce the amount to taste. I take two small tomatoes and one large cucumber. Better for a salad to take delicious sweet tomatoes, such as cherry.
Fresh leaves of lettuce, separate from each other and wash each leaf under running cold water. Put the clean lettuce leaves on a towel to dry. When excess moisture leaves, lettuce leaves to break it into pieces and place on a plate (if portioned flow) or in a salad bowl.
Fresh tomatoes (try to choose fruits with a sturdy skin) rinse with cold water and dry. If winter tomatoes, they should be more carefully washed. Slice the tomatoes into wedges if they are large, into quarters if the tomatoes are small. Add the chopped tomatoes to the salad.
Fresh cucumbers wash as well as tomatoes. Dry and cut into circles or polukruzhochkami. Add sliced cucumbers to the salad.
In this salad I added red onion, it is sweeter than beef and not as sharp. But the onions in this salad is optional, you can not add. You can add the usual onions, previously it zamarinovat. Onions clean from the husk, wash and cut into half rings. Add the chopped onion to the salad.
Canned tuna to remove from the jar and cut into small cubes and add to salad.
Salad season with salt according to your taste, you can add other favorite spices for a salad. If the salad you plan to serve immediately, you can season with olive oil, lightly stir and serve.
Tuna salad and fresh vegetables can be served as healthy snack or as a full dinner, for people caring about their health. This salad is a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. But, of course, better when the vegetables for this salad is grown at the garden or at least bought in season.

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Bow 1 pc
Canned tuna 200 gram
Cucumbers 2 pc
Lettuce 50 gram
olive oil 1 teaspoons
Tomatoes 2 pc


Total calories 65
Total fat 3
Total carbohydrates 3
Total protein 6