A rotten tree stump classic cake

Cooking time
60 min
Simple, tasty and interesting in the design of the cake! The name of the cake "Rotten stump" speaks for itself, the name he received not only for the design in the form of a stump, but the looseness and porosity, grayish-brown color of the dough, which is similar to the bark and wood of old stumps. And the original characteristics of the cake are obtained with simple and affordable ingredients is sour cream and jam. Preparing cake quite simply and quickly, but it turns out very effectively. This cake will take a worthy place even on the holiday table.
Prepare the ingredients for baking a cake. All products must be at room temperature. Dried fruit wash thoroughly, fill with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes to lightly swell. The water is drained, dried dry on a paper towel and finely chop with a knife.
In a deep bowl pour the sour cream, it is better to take sour cream 20% fat, so she was not thick. Can the sour cream replace by yogurt, yogurt is best to use not one, which was purchased in store a couple days ago. Add in the bowl with sour cream teaspoon soda, stir the mixture and leave for 20 minutes. The mixture will begin to bubble and increase in volume.
Meanwhile, in another deep bowl beat eggs. Add specified amount of sugar.
Beat with a mixer or hand whisk until the weight increase in volume and frothy.
In a bowl with the egg mixture add chopped dried fruits.
Pour in the jam. Stir the mixture so that the ingredients have separated.
Pour the sour cream and baking soda in a bowl with the egg mixture. Again all stir the mixture became homogeneous. Parts add sifted flour, vimosewa the dough with a spoon until smooth. The consistency of the batter should be similar to biscuit.
The oven heated to 180 degrees. Form grease with oil or cover with parchment paper. Pour the batter into the pan, put in oven for 25 minutes.
The readiness of the biscuit you need to check with a wooden skewer, toothpick. At the exit it should be dry.
While the cake cools, prepare the sour cream. In a bowl put sour cream, add the vanilla, sugar and beat with a mixer or whisk the cream to increase in volume of the mass. Remove the cream in the refrigerator.
Divide the cooled sponge cake into three parts, dry the edges can be cut with a knife and use them to decorate the cake.
Grease each piece of dough with one side of sour cream and let it lay to soak up the cream, again grease with the cream and begin to collect the cake.
Turn the first cake roll second piece of dough, wrap the first, also coming with the third layer. Outside cakes wrap the parchment paper, remove the workpiece cake for an hour in the fridge to solidify.
Then take out the cake from the fridge, remove the paper, decorate the cake to taste the crumbs of dough, nuts, poppy seeds, mint, berries or mushrooms of candies, simulating old tree stump.
Give the cake to stand in the refrigerator and served to the table.
Bon appetit!

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baking soda 1 tablespoons
Berries 10 gram
Chicken eggs 2 pc
Dried apricots 50 gram
Jam 1 cups
Mint 2 gram
Poppy food 10 gram
Prunes 50 gram
raisins 50 gram
Sugar 1 cups
Vanilla 2 gram
Wheat flour 2 cups
With sour cream delicious recipes photo 2 cups


Total calories 279
Total fat 7
Total carbohydrates 49
Total protein 5